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Comment Analysis

With Stellar Tech’s new comment analysis feature, listen to what your communities have to say. Analyze the comments, reactions and emojis of your influencers’ subscribers in just one click.

Stellar Tech now enables you to discover not only product and brand appreciation, but also purchase intentions, through the comments of your influencer campaigns.

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Comment and sentiment analysis Stellar Tech

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Influencer Search Engine Stellar Tech

Find the perfect influencer for your campaign

Build your own perfect influencer portfolio by using our intuitive Discovery module to find new influencers. Apply filters on influencers, accounts and audiences to find the perfect fit and tap into a new source to find brand ambassadors that will raise your campaign to another level. You can also use the Stellar extension to add influencers as you are browsing the various social networks and create influencer profiles within seconds. Naturally, you can also upload your own Excel file containing the influencer data you are already working with. This way, you can create your own customized influencer portfolio in just a few clicks.

Monitor feed posts, stories and videos

Take the stress out of content monitoring with an automated tracking of posts, stories and videos. Never miss out on any content for your campaign and say goodbye to screenshots. Find all content back in one place and export it all with the click of a button. Stellar gives you what other software can’t: free time and peace of mind.

Tracking publications on Stellar tech influencer marketing platform
Influencer & Audience Analytics on Stellar Platform

Get real time insights into influencer and audience data

Once you have created your influencer portfolio, you can access the influencer profile cards. These will show you the last content posted and profile performance, audience statistics, demographic data, brand affinities and past collaborations. Truly all the information you need.

Predict budget and performances

Use our intuitive Project module to set up and manage your projects. Whether you are planning a campaign or setting up a product seeding, this module will predict results for you and keep track of the deliverables.


Visual Budget and Performance Forecast on stellar tech
Campaign reporting - Stellar Tech engagement rate and report influence

Calculate EMV, ROI and Cost Benefit

Get your ROI and EMV automatically while monitoring how much everything costs over time on a single easy-to-use dashboard.

Analyze the comments and sentiments of your influencers' communities.

Evaluate the impact of your influencer collaborations and campaigns with our comment analysis add-on. Automatically identify the most frequently used mentions, emojis and keywords in comments. Measure the appreciation of your campaign, brand or products with qualitative results.

Comment and sentiment analysis Stellar Tech

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