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We build solutions that make influencer marketing smarter, easier and more efficient for everyone.

Turning big data into big stories

At Stellar, a team of multi disciplinary and motivated people strives to create the most simple, innovative and data driven solutions to help marketers and brands find the right influencers and get impactful stories on social media that deliver results and ROI. By combining data science and human experience we manage to map connections between brands, influencers and followers. We’ve reimagined the entire business cycle of Influencer Marketing and found a uniquely smart way of choosing influencers and making marketing decisions using historical performances, semantics and analytical methods.

Our leadership team

We are reimagining Influencer Marketing with creative experts and leaders who innovate and inspire change from our Brussels and Paris offices.

Cathy Pill CEO co founder Stellar

CEO and Co-founder


Sarah Levin Weinberg CMO and cofounder Stellar

CMO and Co-founder

Sarah Levin

Sylvain chief technical officer Stellar

Chief Tech Officer


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Their view matters

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