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Who said using a SaaS means being left to your own devices?

Take advantage of our services to become even better and go further: master your Stellar platform inside out and optimize your campaigns, strategies, and analyses by letting us guide your strategic choices.

Together, let’s turn your ambitions into reality.

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How Stellar services propel you to new heights

stellar tech trusted advisor solution


Trusted Advisor

Our Stellar customer success team supports you at every step of your journey to help you master the platform and use it optimally, according to your needs.

With this package, our team also provides you with personalized advice and ongoing training to ensure you get the most out of our technology.

Strategic partner Stellar Tech solution


Strategic Partner

Our Stellar influencer marketing strategists assist you with the creation, analysis, and audit of your campaign reports and/or influencer searches.

With this package, our influencer marketing experts enable you to refine your strategies and maximize the impact of your campaigns from A to Z.

Combine the power of services
with that of software.

Trusted Advisor

Master your Stellar platform down to the smallest details from day one.

The Trusted Advisor service is available in 2 options, based on your needs:


First Class

Want to know just how the Trusted Advisor pack can suit your business needs? Explore your options with our Customer Success team!

stellar tech trusted advisor solution
Strategic partner Stellar Tech solution

Strategic Partner

Benefit from cutting-edge expertise for all your influence strategies.

Get customized services from our influencer marketing experts and save time by outsourcing crucial tasks.

Our Stellar experts can support you at every stage of your campaign with one or more services:

  • Audit of your strategies before launching a new campaign
  • Research of the right influencers based on your objectives before a campaign
  • Creation of reports to track the performance of your ongoing campaigns
  • Analysis of performance reports after your campaigns

Wondering about how the Strategic Partner service will boost your business' influence? Let our Customer Success team guide you!

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What you already enjoy with the Stellar platform

Customer support 5/7

Via chat, phone, email, or video call, our customer success team advises you and answers your every question, 5 days a week.

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Upon joining the Stellar platform, you receive a complete video training to help you integrate and master the tool yourself.

New features announcements

With each new feature, update, or improvement to Stellar Tech, you receive an in-app notification and a dedicated newsletter to explain everything to you.

FAQ articles

In the app, you have access to a complete library of regularly updated FAQ articles detailing each feature and calculation of the app.

Video tutorials

For each Stellar Tech module, you’ll find a simple and detailed explanatory tutorial video on the platform to help you understand it.

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Influence newsletter

Every month, you get a comprehensive newsletter on trends and news on influence and social media sectors, along with our expert advice and opinions.

...and how much they love it


We help our clients and their team master the Stellar platform during an 1 to 2-hour onboarding online.

We integrate and regularly update articles to the Stellar platform explaining main features and calculations.

We add simple, explanatory videos on the Stellar platform for each module and main features.

Influencer Analytics


Our customer success team is available on the Stellar integrated chat, for a 5/7d support.

Our ticketing system is integrated in the Stellar platform and connected to the IT support.

Our customer Success Specialists are available by phone, email and video conference 5/7d.

Influencer marketing Campaign Reporting


We publish announcements notifications for new features, updates and improvements.

We send product newsletters announcing new features and improvements of the software.

We send newsletters every month dealing with the latest trends in social media and influence marketing.

Want to know more about how Stellar can help you reach for the stars? Let's talk!