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Your comprehensive toolbox for Influencer collaborations.

Stellar software helps you build your custom influencer marketing platform with a powerful influencer search engine and analytics on influencers, their audiences and campaigns. Choose any modules to meet your company needs, growth and budget.

Influencer Discovery Stellar Tech tool

Find the perfect influencer with our catalogue...

Build your own perfect influencer portfolio by using our intuitive search engine. Apply filters on influencers, accounts and audiences to find the perfect fit and tap into a new source to find brand ambassadors that will raise your campaign to another level.

...or thanks to our powerful Social Listening tool

Discover who talks about your brand or your competitors and how. Identify potential ambassadors among your fans, content creators or clients. Get inspired by User Generated Content that feature your products and share their opinions, in a unique, authentic way.

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Find any influencer in the world from your listing or straight from Social Media with our Chrome extension

Turn social media into a giant influencer database using the Stellar chrome browser extension. With a click of a button save any influencer to your Stellar account straight from social media.

Get real-time insights into influencer and audience data

Once you have created your influencer portfolio, you can access the influencer profile cards. These will show you the last content posted and profile performance, audience statistics, demographic data, brand affinities and past collaborations. Truly all the information you need.

Influencer Audience Analysis Stellar tool

Predict Budget, Performance and ROI

Use our intuitive Project module to set up and manage your projects. Whether you are planning a campaign or setting up a product seeding, this module will predict results for you and keep track of the deliverables.

Monitor publications, whatever their formats

Take the stress out of content monitoring with an automated tracking of posts, stories and videos. Never miss out on any content for your campaign and say goodbye to screenshots. Find all content back in one place and export it all with the click of a button. Stellar gives you what other software can’t: free time and peace of mind.

Monitoring video feature Stellar Tech

Report to measure performances

Start cracking the numbers with the metrics generated automatically. Quantify the effectiveness of your campaigns and let us do the hard work for you: your dashboard allows you to track performances per campaign, influencer and social networks. Alternatively, you can share your report online or export it in Excel, PowerPoint or PDF.

Calculate EMV, ROI and Cost Benefit

Get your ROI and EMV automatically while monitoring how much everything costs over time on a single easy-to-use dashboard.

EMV and ROI feature Stellar Tech
sentiment analysis

Listen to comments and sentiments of the audiences of your influencer campaigns

Understand the results of your influencer collaborations thanks to our sentiment analysis add-on. All comments the influencers posts received during the campaign are analysed in seconds, and we tell you what audiences felt and said about the post, the campaign, your brand, your product and more. From now on, analyze more deeply with qualitative results.

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