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Stellar is the first comprehensive toolbox to find the right influencers, manage collaborations and analyse any influencers, audiences and campaigns.

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What can you do with Stellar ?


Influencer Selection

Find the right ambassadors leveraging our wide network of influencers or importing your own. Use data on influencers profile performances and their audience demographics and quality for targeted collaborations.


Project Management

Plan publications, manage relationships and predict performances for product placements, seedings, events, and much more. Use our proved automated workflow to save you more time & headache.


Campaign Reporting

Because influencer marketing is not gambling, keep an eye on your campaigns. Automatically monitor content and measure performances, ROI and Costs per campaign and influencer. Then export reports when you’re ready to share your results.

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Who are you ?



Your brand deserves the best when it comes to influence marketing. Discover a universe of opportunities to perfectly reach your target, and work with the best social network influencers.



So we created the most advanced tool. Our software helps you manage your clients campaigns with influencers from A to Z, on one same place.



Focus on your agent's mission, we do the rest. Your influencers porfolio's performances is constantly updated to provide you the most complete reports. In real time.

Why they choose Stellar ?

Stellar tool is intuitive and save us a lot of time every day !

Benedicte Junjaud

PR Manager France, Coty, Inc


Take your influencer marketing to the next dimension