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Stellar and comment analysis: a major step forward in analyzing and understanding the success of your influencer campaigns

Published on 3 July 2023 by Annabelle, updated on 21 March 2024 | Reading time : 4 min

In the field of marketing, it is essential to understand consumer opinion and to evaluate the impact of campaigns. In the field of influence, this is even more true given that social media offer the possibility of commenting on publications and reacting with reactions or emoji. An essential feature in the growth of social networks and communities, comments represent an astronomical volume of data to be processed. Yet they are a decisive factor in measuring the success, or failure, of an influencer campaign. This is where comment analysis enters the picture, a revolutionary practice for professionals in the sector. 

In this article, we go behind the scenes of sentiment analysis by exploring the technical aspects that are made possible thanks to artificial intelligence. We’ll also reveal how the Stellar Tech functionality works and how it can be used to carry out an in-depth evaluation of your influencer campaigns on social networks.

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What is comment analysis?

Comments analysis, sometimes referred to as “sentiment analysis”, is the process of examining and understanding consumer opinions, sentiments and reactions expressed on social media, forums and other online channels. This type of analysis makes it possible to extract useful information from comments in order to make informed decisions by looking beyond quantitative indicators.

Thanks to machine learning, it is now possible to analyze how consumers feel about a brand or product, offering marketing professionals an exceptional goldmine of information. Sentiment analysis uses natural language processing to detect emotions in text, in this case, in the comments below publications. Comment analysis is used to monitor customers’ feedback or to monitor a brand’s online reputation on social networks, based on the publications that mention it, but also by monitoring comments on influencers’ publications, brands can obtain valuable information about their online reputation. This knowledge enables them to react quickly to emerging problems and take corrective action to preserve their brand image.

What are the uses of comment analysis for influencer campaigns?

The main objective of comment analysis is to find out what communities think about a specific brand, product or campaign, and to use this knowledge to improve influencer marketing strategies. More specifically, comment analysis allows you to:

  • Identify relevant influencers: Comment analysis enables marketers to identify influencers whose publications generate positive reactions from their target audience. By examining the comments on influencers’ publications, brands can assess their real impact and their fit with their brand image. In this way, you can better evaluate your partnerships and build long-term collaborations with the creators who have the most positive impact on their communities and on your audience. You can then focus on where the relationship makes sense in the eyes of your target audience.
  • Measure engagement more accurately: Using comment analysis, influencer marketing professionals can assess user engagement with content published by influencers. Basic campaign reports include the number of mentions, shares, comments and likes, providing tangible data for measuring campaign effectiveness. But now, we’re no longer limiting ourselves to the rate of engagement or simple data on campaign visibility. We are now including elements of language and the use of keywords or emoji in our analysis in order to measure more precisely the appreciation of the campaign, product or brand.
  • Discover the appreciation of your products and your brand: by making an inventory of the terms used by subscribers, measuring the number of times they are used or an emoji is selected, we can more easily and accurately determine the appreciation of the product and/or brand that are highlighted in the campaign, and therefore in the influencer’s publications and content.
  • Detect purchase intentions: by tracking comments and the frequency of use of given terms, we are able to discover purchase intentions. Questions or reactions about a product, its features or availability are indicative of a potential purchase.
  • Enabling an in-depth performance understanding: By integrating comment analysis, campaign reports lead to an in-depth understanding of performance. The strengths and weaknesses of influencers’ publications are then highlighted, enabling marketers to adjust their strategy accordingly.
  • Identify emerging opportunities and trends: Comment analysis also helps influencer marketing professionals identify emerging opportunities and trends. They can pinpoint the most talked-about topics in their industry, consumer concerns and changing public expectations, enabling them to shape their campaigns accordingly. 

Behind the scenes of the integration of comment analysis into campaign reports on Stellar Tech

At Stellar Tech, we’ve recently integrated comment analysis functionality into our influencer marketing platform. Here’s a sneak peek into the implementation of this revolutionary feature for your campaign reports.

Over the last few months, we’ve been working on an IT project to develop this new feature. Until now, campaign reports were based exclusively on a quantitative analysis of results: the various influencer marketing tools displayed the results of the campaign in terms of KPIs. However, the user has no way of measuring the audience’s sentiments about the campaign: how did they react to the content? Positively or negatively? Did it generate a positive or negative buzz? This data could be the key to the success or failure of a campaign.

At Stellar, we are convinced that the future of campaign reporting lies in qualitative indicators. That’s why we’ve invested in offering our clients the possibility of analyzing their influencers’ comments. Therefore, for each campaign, we can highlight the positive and negative sentiments, the most frequently used keywords and emojis, and so on.

Simply put, Stellar Tech uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to enable algorithms to track, predict and rank data. For this comment analysis feature, Stellar Tech’s algorithms have trained and educated themselves on over 198 million comments to determine whether a comment is positive, neutral or negative.

In a sector as dynamic as influencer marketing, comment analysis has become a necessity for professionals looking to gain a competitive edge. By understanding the ins and outs of this practice and integrating comment analysis functionalities, as we have done on our SaaS platform, our customers can improve their influencer marketing strategies, increase their results and strengthen their collaboration with influencers.

Want to find out more about Stellar Tech's comment analysis functionality?
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