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How La Redoute organizes and measures its influencer campaigns with the Stellar tool

Leading fashion and home brand, La Redoute relied on Stellar to rethink its influencer marketing strategy, especially during its special “Black Friday” campaign. The objective: to guarantee the effectiveness and ROI of its actions and improve the synergies and productivity of its teams, by removing the boundaries between Branding and Performance.

80 influencers 

Reach : 39 millions

100K clicks


Today, companies active on social networks and in influence marketing like La Redoute face a multitude of challenges: ensuring the achievement of a large number of objectives via creative and authentic campaigns, measuring performance and profitability of their actions, while maximizing the time and efforts of internal teams for greater productivity.

At La Redoute, the influence canal is managed within the marketing department by two teams that have distinct objectives: the Brand team (visibility, brand image, engagement) and Performance (traffic, conversion) which traditionally launched different campaigns. From 2021, the brand and its strategic and affiliate partner Awin decided to undertake actions with more synergy and a collaborative approach between the teams. They also wanted to find a solution to homogenise the KPIs on a model tailored to La Redoute and above all to analyse the results and profitability of their campaigns.

For Black Friday and the end of the year holiday periodsthe two actors searched for a software to launch a unique influencer campaign with allowing the two marketing team to:

  • create visibility for the brand and its promotional offers
  • generate web traffic and sales on the different categories of its e-commerce site
  • eliminate the borders between Brand and Performance with common campaigns
  • automate actions to be more efficient and remain competitive in its sectors


For its Black Friday and end-of-year celebrations operation, La Redoute  launched an influence campaign on Instagram by collaborating with more than 80 ambassadors focused on the family, fashion and/or the art of living.

In less than 4 weeks thanks to the Stellar tool along with a structured and collaborative work between the Brand and Performance teams, the 80 influencers were easily :

  • identified
  • analyzed
  • activated
  • monitored

How La Redoute has improved its results thanks to Stellar?

Leader in France and Benelux and used in around thirty countries, Stellar enables La Redoute to identify the right ambassadors, analyze their profiles and audiences, plan and manage their campaigns and measure their impact via : automatic monitoring of content, metrics collection according to different KPIs and calculation of ROI (Return On Investment), EMV (Earned Media Value) and efficiency metrics (e.g. CPC, CPE).

With its tool, Stellar has concretely enabled La Redoute to :

  • Access a search engine and a powerful analysis tool to find relevant influencers, map them according to their universe and categorise them according to specific criteria – the audiences reached, the objectives they are likely to achieve according to their average statistics (reach, engagement rate, click-through rate).
  • Organise projects and communications with influencers in a collaborative and transparent way so that all teams have a global vision of the actions. A common database of influencers enables better management of activities and avoids duplication of contacts and activations.
  • Make cost and performance forecasts upstream of campaigns thanks to a dedicated feature, in order to guarantee maximum impact of influencers’ content.
  • Report on cross-social media campaigns: fast and efficient automated content monitoring, with a detailed view of achieved KPIs, reached audiences and profitability, for every campaign but also for every social network and influencer.


This collaboration has generated incredible results for Stellar and La Redoute. The “Les Cas d’Or” 3 prizes awarded to Stellar marks the fruitful culmination of this partnership. 

By automating and improving processes, La Redoute has significantly increased its partnerships with the most relevant and successful influencers. Influencer loyalty has been strengthened thanks to optimal communication, a direct relationship and the promotion of the influencer as an ambassador or premium partner.

A balance has finally been found between Brand and Performance investments, now based on product content and return on investment.

Beyond an optimal distribution of budget spend, the implementation of a cross-media measurement specific to La Redoute has made it possible to obtain a global and undissociated view of campaign performance.

The new processes have been extended to the entire marketing department. Learning new work methodologies was facilitated by Stellar and made it possible to rethink all endogenous and exogenous initiatives with the common base of a collaborative spirit at the service of performance.

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