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How does Disney organize and measure its influencer campaigns with Stellar Tech?

Discover how Disney harnessed the power of Stellar Tech to orchestrate an influencer campaign of stellar magnitude for the London premiere of their enchanting movie, ‘Wish.’ Seeking to ignite buzz across the Benelux region, Disney engaged top-tier Dutch and Belgian influencers, leveraging Stellar Tech’s platform to optimize reach, engagement, ROI – and more.
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Enchanting Benelux: Disney's strategic campaign goals

The magic of Disney’s storytelling extends beyond the screen.

With the launch of the ‘Wish’ movie premiere in London, Disney, leveraging Stellar Tech’s cutting-edge influencer marketing platform, embarked on a mission to captivate the Benelux region – and to bring, once more, enchantment to life.

Here’s how Stellar Tech amplified Disney’s objectives:

  1. Promotion of the Movie in Benelux: The campaign was initiated around a premiere in London, with the intention of later promoting the movie in Benelux.

  2. Awareness: The primary purpose of the Disney “Wish” campaign was to generate awareness, build enthusiasm and, of course, spread the magic around the movie.

  3. Target Audience Engagement: The campaign aimed at families and young audiences for the Christmas movie season, with an additional marketing layer targeting young adults aged 16 to 25 who are regular cinema-goers.

  4. Influencer Collaboration: A Belgian influencer couple and a Dutch influencer were chosen to create content and share it on their social platforms to leverage their reach and influence.

  5. Content Creation: The influencers were expected to create various types of content, including social media posts, interviews, and vlogs, to share their experiences of the movie premiere and encourage their followers to watch the movie.

  6. ROI Calculation: One of the challenges and objectives was to calculate and prove the return on investment (ROI) of the influencer marketing part of the campaign.

Wish Disney movie influencer campaign stellar


The potency of influencer marketing in this campaign was undeniable.

In order to spread magic and enthusiasm around the Wish movie, Disney selected influencers who could add value to the campaign, such as Gioia, who was previously a voice-over artist for one of the movies, and a Belgian influencer couple who are known for a series on VTM go.

The full campaign in a few figures:

Leveraged social platforms


Campaign success –beyond all wishes

By using the Stellar Tech tool, Disney was able to measure the resonance of each influencer’s narrative, ensure that the right messages were reaching the right public at the right time, and follow all the KPIs of their campaign in real time. The combined results for all three influencers’ content were:

What's (even) more:

In terms of ROI, this Disney campaign achieved results far exceeding expectations:

  • 🇳🇱 436.44% ROI in the Netherlands
  • 🇧🇪 1099.6% ROI in Belgium
disney case study stellar wish
Influencer marketing software Stellar Tech

How has Disney improved its results thanks to Stellar Tech?

During Disney’s campaign for the ‘Wish’ movie premiere, Stellar Tech served as the pivotal hub for influencer analysis, providing Disney with a centralized platform to navigate the complexities of social media engagement and influencer partnerships.
  • Content Management: Stellar Tech streamlined Disney’s campaign by centralizing content, making tracking and analysis quick and easy.
  • Enhanced Reach Insight: By integrating actual reach data through influencers content, Disney gained a clear picture of the true impact of their posts and stories.
  • Accurate Value Metrics: Disney leveraged Stellar Tech for precise Earned Media Value (EMV) calculations, ensuring a clear understanding of the campaign’s ROI vs. the invested budget.
  • Adaptable Content Strategy: The platform offered flexibility to manually add posts and utilize date filters for comprehensive campaign tracking.
  • Collaboration and Sharing: Disney teams were able to save and share content seamlessly with colleagues, enhancing internal communication and campaign coordination.
  • Real-Time Campaign Overview: Stellar Tech provided Disney with a dashboard for a quick and up-to-date view of the campaign’s performance and influencer activity.

By using the Stellar Tech platform, Disney meticulously orchestrated a campaign that not only captured imaginations but also achieved significant market penetration and ticket sales, showcasing the tool’s effectiveness in managing influential marketing endeavors.

Accompanied with Stellar love by:

Laura Wey

Team Lead Customer Success

Stellar Tech

Since 2020, our technology and customer service have been instrumental in supporting Disney’s influencer marketing strategies. By synergizing our technical expertise with their innovative storytelling and audience engagement, we foster a partnership that’s as magical as it is productive.

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