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Discover the 2024 Influencer Marketing Trends

Responsibility, adaptability, creativity: these are the keystones of influence marketing for 2024.

To approach this year with confidence, our white paper “2024 Influence Marketing Trends” delves into the strategies that will make all the difference, innovations to adopt, and pitfalls to avoid.

Discover how brands, agencies, influencers, and platforms are adapting to create campaigns that are more conscious, connected, and creative!

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What will you find in this white paper?

The 3 Major Trends in Influence Marketing 2024

1. Responsible and transparent influence

  • An in-depth analysis of the latest European, French, and Belgian legislations on transparency
  • The impact of these changes on strategies for brands, agencies, and influencers
  • Insights on the integration of societal, environmental, and moral values in influence campaigns and their growing importance within communities

2. The latest trends of social media

  • Key figures, trends, and new features of each social platform and tips for effectively leveraging them in your influence marketing strategies.
  • Strategic advice illustrating how to diversify your communication channels and formats according to the latest trends in influence marketing.
  • Examples of successful influence campaigns that marked 2023 across various channels.

3. Artificial Intelligence in influence

  • A detailed overview of the evolution of artificial intelligence in the field of influence marketing and the integration of AI tools such as predictive analysis, machine learning, and generative AI.
  • Analysis of the benefits, risks, and opportunities related to integrating AI into influence marketing strategies as a brand, agency, or influencer.
  • An in-depth observation of the opportunities and risks associated with the use of virtual influencers in marketing strategies.

Why download this white paper?

Vladimira Durisova, responsible influencer marketing expert European commission

We have noticed a lack of awareness among influencers regarding their online activities. Many influencers do not realize that when they regularly engage in commercial online activities, such as advertising or selling goods or services, they are considered as traders in the European Union and have numerous legal responsibilities.

Legal Advisor – Application of Consumer Law
European Commission

Aline Lemaire, marketing director coca cola

In the digital age, social networks have become an indispensable tool for creating and maintaining authentic relationships with our consumers. Each platform offers a unique opportunity for interaction and engagement, requiring a deep understanding of its cultural codes to create meaningful and engaging content.

Aline Lemaire, Marketing Director BENELUX
The Coca-Cola Company​

Evelien Stellar Lab influence marketing director

Influencers bring authenticity and can reach a specific target audience. This powerful combination of specific targeting and authenticity is, in my opinion, something you cannot achieve with any other form of digital media.

Influence Director Belgium
Stellar Lab

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