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How to write an efficient influencer brief? (+ free template)

When working with influencers for your marketing, a well-prepared brief is essential for a successful campaign. This brief should be short but complete, providing only the essential information.

Knowing what information to include can be difficult. To help you make your future influencer campaigns even more successful, we’ve created a downloadable brief template for your influencer collaborations.

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Why is it important to prepare efficient influencer briefs?

For your influencer marketing campaigns, creating a brief is a crucial step in ensuring a successful collaboration.

  1. Influencer brief ensures clear understanding of campaign objectives.

    The brief conveys the ambition of your influencer marketing campaign, detailing precisely the products or services to be promoted, the key messages to be communicated, the target audiences, and the expected results.

  2. The influencer brief plays a crucial role in maintaining the consistency of your brand’s image.

    By sharing your vision and values, the brief guides the influencer in the creation of content, consolidating your company’s identity and image in a seamless way.

  3. The influencer brief is one of the key guarantors of compliance with the rules.

    The brief reminds influencers of their legal and ethical obligations, explicitly stating paid partnerships, demanding transparency towards the audience, and ensuring compliance with laws relating to advertising and product promotion.

  4. Influencer briefs upstream of performance reports.
    As for performance measurement, drawing up a brief also helps to define clear performance indicators (KPIs), making it easier to evaluate campaign results. The brief focuses on campaign objectives, and can also propose concrete examples of KPIs and metrics, reinforcing the rigor of performance evaluation.

Wondering what information is essential for an effective brief?

We have thought of everything and created a brief template for you to complete. This turnkey tool is designed to optimize your future collaborations with influencers.