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Recommend new clients for Stellar Tech

Expand your influence and help businesses thrive by recommending the Stellar Tech platform. If you know an enterprise that could benefit from our services, let us know, or have them mention your name when they reach out directly.

This will not only assist another business in leveraging our platform for their growth, but also strengthen your professional network; a win-win for everyone involved — you, the referred business, and our community.

Earn rewards for each new client you recommended

As Stellar’s partner, your efforts are rewarded with more than just gratitude: for every client who subscribes to one of our offers thanks to you, you receive a recurring commission of 15% on the total transaction value for the first 12 months of the client’s contract (with a minimum payment threshold of 150€).

It’s our way of saying thank you for being an integral part of our common growth and success. 

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Become a partner

Send our team your billing information so that we can swiftly process your payments & partnership rewards each time you bring a new client.

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Start earning rewards

Transform your referrals into consistent rewards and regular income. For instance, a contract valued at €5000 will earn you a reward of €750.

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