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The first software that helps you build your own influencers network and easily access any influencer and campaign analytics in real time.

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Save influencer profiles from anywhere

Quickly and easily build your influencer network with a click of a button. With the Stellar Browser extension save any influencer profile straight from Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Blogs.

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Access real-time data for any influencer

Get valuable information, including: influencers’ audience breakdown, demographics, social stats, interests and content. The upshot is for you to get a better understanding of the influencer and determine if they are right for you.

Keep your projects organized

Organize your influencers by groups and take the first step in setting up an influencer marketing project (campaign, event, contests etc). Share your listings with your clients and team members.

Get Influencers emails and start relationships

Stop wasting time tweeting at profiles or searching for e-mails on social feeds. Stellar tracks all available contact information, to facilitate outreach with key influencers.

Monitor content including Instagram Stories

Take the stress out of content monitoring and Instagram stories 24h-hours watching. You get one social feed for all networks so you can check and share posts on the fly. Stellar gives you what other softwares can’t: free time and peace of mind.

Track performances and prove ROI

Measure the impact of your influencer marketing project through comprehensive reporting. Track performances and conversions by content, social channel and influencers to improve over time and better optimize your budget.

Take your influencer marketing to the next level

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