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The mall is weird

By Evan Lavery  

I have just become aware of the fact that my parakeet secretly makes out with my dog while she's asleep.…

By Scout  

Good to see jerry seinfelds latest project getting the attention it deserves…

By carlos   Also faved by: sophie, Elliot Jackson, Julien Devereux

is your name melissa? "yes" are you married? "to you sadly" yes or no please "yes" do you like the lie detector I bought for your birthday?

Many thanks to Virgin America for upgrading my husband but keeping me in this cozy middle seat bc this whole sitch already ruled so much!

By jenny slate   Also faved by: Johnny Hugel

It’s an interesting experience to revisit classic games as an adult and see how much of an influence they still have on modern game design.

By Feminist Frequency   Also faved by: Jake Rodkin, Sara Chipps, Austin Storm, Navneet Alang

the pez guy just saw an owl pellet come out and said 'what if cartoon characters did this'

By wolf puppy   Also faved by: pimple teen

Directors' Cuts: A Stock Footage Tribute to the Visual Styles of Modern Directors

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Hearing that Kazaa has offered to distribute “The Interview.”

By Adam Klaff   Also faved by: Michael Eades, Michael

I kind of thought #Serial would end with a twist. Sarah was making the calls FROM PRISON THE WHOLE TIME!

By Bill Bergen  

°texting boss° [ME] sorry, running late. I got soup in my eye [BOSS] soap? [ME] no tomato basil

By Cat Damon   Also faved by: I'm DUMB, not DEAF

Hello, Duck Lake.

By Sam Howard  

Both the Internet and I-80 are weird at this hour.

By Sam Howard  

Remember the Blind Side lady and her corny White Savior story? The boys have a whole different perspective.…

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VHX introduces an iPhone app and library so you can view your whole video collection in one place…

By TechCrunch