Vichy - Mineral 89 Daily beauty routine

  • Belgium
  • 100 Influencers
  • 3.3M Reach
  • 3K Traffic
  • 600 Sales

After eighty-seven years of existence, Vichy holds the lead in the domain of cosmetics and skin care and is known as the famous one transforming thermal water into beauty care.
At the heart of all its products, we find an essential ingredient: the mineralizing water of Vichy. Concentrated and combined with a meticulous combination, this is the secret recipe that makes Mineral 89 one of the new flagship products in its catalog (to reinforce the cutaneous barrier of internal and external skin aggressions).

In order to promote and create awareness about Vichy's Mineral 89 to a wide audience, Vichy chose to entrust its mission to 100 carefully selected influencers to provide the brand visibility and enthusiasm above expectations. Each influencer received an inspiring package with the product to assure a maximum of content. The judicious alliance of micro and macro influencers, both french or dutch speaking, is one of the campaign success key. The other one takes advantage of the great diversity of the posts and the esthetism brought to each one of these.