Today Shopally officially becomes Stellar: Here’s why

Published on June 14th, 2017 by sarah

Our company is writing a new chapter: we are renaming ourselves Stellar to emphasise our roots in technology and our brand portfolio that includes Shopally but also a fresh-new range of smart Influencer Marketing solutions designed for brands and agencies.

From Shopally to Stellar

The name Stellar isn’t just a consequence of our love for shiny stars and wordplay. And the decision to change our name wasn’t made lightly, after all, under our current Shopally handle we’ve created a global Influencer network, proudly raised 1.3 millions euros in seed funding and built a customer base of over 500 international clients.

When we founded Shopally 2 years ago, we set out to improve the way influencers monetize their content and the way people shop on Social Media by delivering cutting edge affiliate tools, on mobile and desktop. We’ve stayed true to that mission, but along the way, the company has transformed into a powerful data-driven Influencer Marketing business with a range of services and tools helping marketers to find the right influencers as well as launch and analyze content on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and more.

Our portfolio now includes: the firstborn Shopally monetization platform and also Stellar Influencer Campaigns, Big Data Social audits and IRM tool.

We now have 2 offices in Brussels and Paris and have launched hundred of successful projects across a wide variety of industries in Europe and the US for prominent brands (Monshowroom, Ahava, Leffe, Indesit, Photobox) and agencies (Isobar, AOL, Ogilvy).

It’s precisely because of this evolution, and our vision for continued growth, that we’ve decided to make this change in order to more accurately reflect who we’ve become as a company. While our gradient logo was inspired by Instagram to reflect ‘how vibrant and diverse storytelling can be’ on Social Media, our entire corporate identity captures the essence of what Stellar has become — where Word-of-Mouth meets Data, where extraordinary Brands connect with extraordinary Influencers, where relationships are mapped to make accurate predictions and powerful stories.

We turn Data into Stories

Over the course of our growth, we’ve built an Influencer Marketing company, while also building a technology company, reimagining every piece of the Influencer Marketing process, from influencer identification to performance measurement.

We’ve built our own technology and developed proprietary software to manage all influencer searches, contact and publications, collect data and insights. Few months ago, we went further in the collect and analysis of data by joining forces with a group of big data scientists. We now better understand connections between influencers, brands, content and followers – our challenge being to choose the right influencers predicting content success and making marketing decisions using historical performances, semantic and analytical methods.

By combining machine learning algorithms, human experience and strong relationships with influencers, we believe we’re on track to create a new way to do influencer marketing. Smarter, easier and more efficient – for everyone.